Avvatar 100% Whey Protein 5 lbs(Cafe mocha swirl)

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Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein is packedwith 24g protein per scoop. The primarysource is whey protein concentrate whichis loaded with health-boosting bioactivecompounds along with naturalphospholipids for quick recovery andsustained results!


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The human body is an amazing creation ofnature and is capable of doing the mostextraordinary things. And one of themis transforming it to be at its fittestand strongest. The most importantaspect of this transformation is therock-solid will to transform, whichcombined with superior nutrition candeliver astounding results

It is milked, processed and packed within24 hours, to bring you the freshest and purest whey.It is 100% Vegetarian, made from fresh cow’smilk and manufactured with multiplestringent quality tests.

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Cafe Mocha Swirl, Double Chocolate



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35 g

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  1. Rohan maksha

    This protein does not have the issues other proteins have during mixing with any liquid. The mixability and solubility of Avvatar is really good. I am liking this product so far.

  2. Subhash Nagar

    It’s really good and healthy product. The best thing is its a natural protein which contains cow milk which good for muscle

  3. Devendra Kumar

    I purchased Avvatar was first to try out the taste and it’s really good! My nutritionist is happy that it is soy free and sugar free. Thanks wheyfood for timely delivered in Kerala ,I got free workout t-shirt also.

  4. Vijay Devaraj

    Gluten free, soy free, sugat free , protein, bcaa, glutamine
    Quantity Compare to on gold standard both are same .
    Gold standard have soy lecithin in it . Avvtar Don’t have soy. Cafe mocha swirl is at best test, love it ! .
    And price is lowest at wheyfood . I used it before , ordering again for same result ,hope I will get product on time in Mysore.

  5. Prakash naik

    best test..i can say one of best taste in protein supplement ,

  6. Pradeep k

    This whey is not for my stomach…got free t-shirt

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